Seller Information

General Information

We sell hay, straw machinery, new and used tack and horses at our sale. You are welcome and encouraged to contact us before the sale for your advertising needs. We will come to your location, take pictures and advertise in print and online publications (upon payment of consignment fee). 

Please contact us at 419-889-9150, or through Facebook.


Consigning Horses

If you are planning to bring a horse, please plan on being at the sale barn as early as possible that morning (preferably before 11 a.m.). You want your horse to be seen by as many potential buyers as possible. 

Please make sure you have all relevant registration papers, coggins certificate, signed transfers, breeder's certificate (if applicable) in hand to go along with your horse. Otherwise your horse will sell as grade. 

Please note: Horses transported across state lines into OHIO require a current EIA test within 12 months and a certificate of veterinary inspection with temperature written on health certificate completed by a licensed and accredited veterinarian. This certificate is completed by a veterinarian at the origin of the shipment. 

If you do not have a current coggins (within six months of sale date), we have a vet on premises that will pull blood after the horse sells ($25 fee).

You will be shown to a stall after you have completed all paperwork at the back office. 

A halter and lead rope will need to go with your horse. Horses sell better when they are groomed and shown at their best. Stay near the stall of your horse in order to answer any questions potential buyers may have.

We have plenty of room outside the sale barn, along with a small riding ring for you to ride your horse in.

Please ride or drive them through the auction ring if possible. We can arrange for someone to ride your horse for an additional fee if necessary, but you will need to bring tack with you.

Be honest about the condition and attributes of your horse. We strive to match great horses with good homes and therefore reserve the right to refuse your horse for any reason, including, but not limited to, dishonesty about a horse's history and/or abilities. 

Horses will go through the ring in numerical hip number. During special cataloged sales, cataloged horses will go through the ring in the order they are in the catalog, followed by uncataloged horses. If you want to be early in the sale order, please call us before the sale to reserve a number or plan on getting to the sale barn first thing in the morning!

You will be responsible for taking your horse through the ring and back to the stall. If your horse does not bring your reserve price, you need to be the winning bidder. You would then be responsible for paying the consignment fees and commission at the front office before taking your horse back home.

NO OUTSIDE SALES! NO ALLEY TRADING! All horses must go through the ring and all transactions must go through our office.


Checks will be mailed the Monday after the sale.



  • Hay and Straw

    Consignment fee = $10 per lot Commission = 6% of gross proceeds
  • Machinery

    Consignment Fee = none! Commission = 6% of gross proceeds
  • Tack

    Consignment Fee = none! Commission = 20% of gross proceeds
  • Saddles

    Consignment Fee = none! Commission = 10% of gross proceeds
  • Horses

    Consignment Fee: $25 per horse. $25 no sale fee. *Adjusted Consignment fee of $40 consignment fee per horse on Special Sale Days. $40 no sale fee. Coggins Fee = $30 per horse (if you do not have a current test, within a year). Commission = $0-500: 0% of gross proceeds. $501- $1,000: 6% of gross proceeds. amount over $1,000: 3% of gross proceeds. *Special Sale commission: 6% with max of $300 and $40 consignment fee applied to commission. $40 no sale fee. $40 late fee if consigned after deadline.