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  • Catalog for April 1 Sale

    Here it is folks!  Remember, this is as of 3/28/2017. There are always more consigned closer to sale day and the day of the sale. We have a full cafeteria to keep you fed...spend the day with us!

    Lot # 338                              Kinda Obvious


    2016 ApHC colt. #680415. Sorrel. White with spots over body and hips. Star, stripe and snip. Left front-lightning marks. Left hind-partial stocking. Right front-lightning marks. Right hind-partial stocking. Foaled February 28, 2016. Easy to handle. Great personality. Shown in halter last year. HYPP N/H.


    Lot #339                   Utopian Poco Leo


    2014 AQHA buckskin gelding. #5686740. Foaled August 20, 2014.


    Lot # 340                 CG Taris Hotrodjose


    2009 AQHA gelding. Bay roan gelding. Eight year old gelding that is ready to do whatever you want. He’s quiet, soft in the mouth and pretty to boot! He does weave in the stall.


    Lot #  341                 Versas TNT (Pretty)


    2003 APHA mare. #740,017. Foaled January 2, 2003. Solid sorrel with blaze and four white socks. All around horse that has been used in pleasure, Western and English. Also has done dressage. Sweet mare that anyone can ride. She has a lot more years left to perform for you.


    Lot # 342                 Justa Cool Mocha Mist


    2003 APHA mare. Buckskin. Had 90 days of professional reining training. Also ridden huntseat and dressage. Loves trail riding. Has done obstacle clinics and also halter. Fast learner. Aims to please. Great personality. She is the complete package.


    Lot # 343                  One Hot Fancy Spark


    2010 solid APHA gelding. #996,904. Foaled March 2, 2010. Seven year old palomino with blaze and four white socks.


    Lot #  344                             Poco Powerhouse CL 


    2010 AQHA mare. #532392. Bay roan with white hind foot. She is a seven year old mare with a big motor. She is ready to start hauling to contesting events. You can also throw a rope off of her. Sensitive and not for beginners.


    Lot # 345                             Cutters Star Lynx (Red) 


    2002 AQHA gelding. #4234048. Foaled March 3, 2002. Sorrel gelding with white hairs on forehead. Right fore pastern white. Socks on hind feet. 15 year old gelding. Raised on the farm and used for pleasure. He is athletic and loves to please. Loves all the attention you can offer.


    Lot # 346                  Lil Rappin Ottie (Tuff)


    2015 AQHA gelding. #5696172. Foaled March 29, 2015. Two year old bay gelding. Had 60 days riding. Nice and quiet.


    Lot # 347                  Hancock Double Skip


    2003 AQHA gelding. #4373847. 14 year old gray gelding foaled May 24, 2003.


    Lot # 348                  Docs Gus and Glory

    AQHA gelding. #4517832. Sorrel with strip and snip. Left hind pastern.  


    Lot # 349                  Diablo


    2007 grade Paint gelding. Bay. 10 year old gelding who has been used for trail riding and team sorting. He has been tied overnight on a tie line.


    Lot #  350                 Olive Hijacker (Sunshine)


    2011 AQHA mare. #5413162. Foaled May 26, 2011. Sorrel mare with stripe and two socks. A six year old mare. Has had 60 days reining training and started on barrels. Has had the winter off and is a nice mare that has the ability to be a reiner or working cow horse.


    Lot # 351                  Erniegotstuckwithme


    2014 AQHA Appendix gelding. #X0725788. Three year old chestnut gelding. Foaled February 24, 2014.


    Lot # 352                  Jac


    2012 grade quarter horse gelding.



    Lot # 353                 


    2002 grade gelding. 15 year old sorrel Paint gelding. Been used on a dude ranch.