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  • Consigned to May 4 Sale

    Consigned to May 4 Sale: Coulter is a Quarter Horse gelding that stands 15.1 HH. He is either 18 or 19 years old. We bought him from an owner who didn't really have any age information on him other than a range. Our vet confirmed this would be his age based on his teeth. We bought him a year ago from her and she would use him to pony mustangs up and down the hilly sides of Ohio. He also lived next to a gun range when he lived there, and loud noises do not seem to bother this guy. She bought him from an owner in Texas that used him as a ranch horse. Once we purchased him we started using him for pleasure riding and trail riding. He loves other horses and stays at the bottom of the pecking order. He has more whoa than go and will w/t and sometimes canter. You can ask him to walk somewhere and he will do it. He can definitely help build confidence in a beginner rider. A vice he can have is, he does not always enjoy being caught. He will come to food and will come up when the other horses do. Once he is caught he is no problem at all. He will even help you put his halter on him. He is 100% sound. He is utd on teeth (done in December of 2018) and shots (done in March). He is due for his feet to be done. He has great feet and doesn't need shoes. He stands for farrier and being tied. Loves going for trailer rides (if he hears the trailer he will be at the front of the stall/pasture ready to go).

    Horses sell at 2:00 pm at this sale. 

    1059 Richwood LaRue Road

    LaRue, OH 43332