• February 2017 consignments

    We are looking forward to our February 4, 2017 sale!  Check out these horses that will be at the auction. Horses sell at 2 pm.

    SELLING AT OUR FEBRUARY 4 SALE: En Treasured Lineage (Toby). Registered APHA gelding born on February 17, 2001. Has been trail and road ridden many miles. Have barrel raced him for many years. Runs some 1D times but solid 2D times. Ran him in numerous NBHA shows and NBHA ohio state shows. Have won numerous saddles and awards. Will carry Flags with no problems and been in many parades. Stands great for farriers, loads and unloads just fine. No problems with clipping and bathing. A nice horse but the rider does need some experience. Not for a beginner rider. It's the perfect time to snag a good one for this year's shows! #LaRueHorseSale

    A Stormy Night. 12 year old registered Morgan gelding. Broke to ride beginner dressage , trail intermediate rider . #LaRueHorseSale  
  • Updated October Catalog

    MACHINERY/TOOLS/CARRIAGES          9:00 am


    Robert Bell Thresher 28’                                ______________________

    2 New Idea hay loaders                                  ______________________

    IH High Gear No. 9 mower, rebuilt                ______________________

    IH late model 7’ grain binder, mint                ______________________

    IH No. 9 Enslige Cutter                                   ______________________

    IH No. 7 Enslige Cutter for parts                    ______________________

    Bush hog wheel disc                                       ______________________

    IH corn binder, field ready                             ______________________

    JD #43 corn sheller                                         ______________________

    IH #7 hay mower                                            ______________________

    New Holland lime drill                                                ______________________

    Amish buggy                                                   ______________________


    Porter chop saw with table; Linde pallet jack; Blue Giant pallet jack; router table; Wisconsin air cooled motor; Fair banks Morse platform scale 1000#; Cummins lift; lumber and doors; Stanley Bostitch air nailer; Master Force air nailer; 7 piece air hammer kit. Lots of small items not listed.



    NEW TACK & HARNESS                             10:00 am


    DRAFT HORSES                                  Noon

    Lot # 63 & 64                                                                                                                                       _______________

    Team of 2007 registered Percheron mares. Black. Open. Broke to all farm machinery. Have been driven by children.

    Lot # 65                                                                                                                                                _______________

    Chip. 2012 red sorrel Belgian gelding. Light mane and tail. Broke to all farm machinery.

    Lot # 66                                                                                                                                                _______________

    Bill. 2008 bay Belgian/Percheron cross gelding. Broke to all farm machinery.

    Lot # 67 & 68                                                                                                                                      _______________

    Bill & Bob. 2008 Belgian geldings.

    Lot # 69                                                                                                                                                _______________

    Chelsea’s Chief. 2015 registered Belgian colt. #S70677. By Elect’s Fire Chief and out of Kesler’s April. Big colt, just doesn’t fit into our program.

    Lot # 70 & 71                                                                                                                                       ________________

    Bob & Barney. 2013 blonde Belgian geldings. Team of 3 year old geldings. Stripes, white manes and long tails. Broke to all farm machinery. A very well broke and quiet pair. Both are pulling bred.

    Lot # 72 & 73                                                                                                                                       ________________

    John & Jerry. 2012 and 2013 sorrel Belgian geldings. Half-brothers. Broke to all farm machinery.

    Lot # 74                                                                                                                                                ________________

    Josh. 2013 sorrel Belgian gelding. Narrow stripe, light mane and tail. Broke to all farm machinery. Sired by a CD Rock grandson. He is a dependable worker.

    Lot # 75                                                                                                                                                _______________

    Bess. 2000 red sorrel Belgian mare. Stripe, light mane and tail. Broke to all farm machinery. Works good single. Will still do a day’s work. She is still in good working condition. She is a heavy duty mare.

    Lot # 76 & 77                                                                                                                                      ________________

    Blue & Barney. 2013 and 2008 Belgian geldings. Stripes, white manes and tails. Well broke.

    Lot # 78                                                                                                                                                ________________

    Jewel’s Cindy. 2014 sorrel Belgian mare. Registration #M132413. Stripe. White mane and tail. Well broke for a two year old. Sired by CDH Sunny. Dam is by Barney. A registered pulling bred mare.

    Lot # 79                                                                                                                                                _________________

    Candy. 2014 sorrel Belgian mare. Red sorrel. Light mane and tail. Well broke for a two year old. Sired by CDs Hickory.  Pulling bred grade mare.

    Lot # 80 & 81                                                                                                                                      _________________

    Molly & Dolly. 2013 sorrel Belgian mares. Sisters. Broke to work.

    Lot # 82                                                                                                                                                _________________

    Dolly. 1998 Belgian mare. Broke to all farm machinery, single and double.

    Lot # 83                                                                                                                                                _________________

    2006 blonde Belgian mare. Broke to all farm machinery. Safe and sound. Kid broke. Had a colt and is bred back to CD Rex.

    Lot # 84                                                                                                                                                ________________

    2016 light sorrel Belgian colt. Pulling bred. More information on sale day.

    Lot # 85                                                                                                                                                ________________

    Jesse. 2014 sorrel Belgian gelding. A big two year old gelding. Red sorrel, stripe, white mane and tail. Broke. Hitch prospect. Sired by Produce Acres Korbin. Out of Greentop Carrie.

    Lot # 86                                                                                                                                                ________________

    Chief. 2013 blonde Belgian gelding. Stripe and white mane and tail. Broke. Works with snap. Sired by Chief Supreme.


    Lot # 87 & 88                                                                                                                                      ________________

    2013 and 2014 Belgian geldings. Sorrel. Long tails. Broke to all farm machinery. Willing workers.

    Lot # 89                                                                                                                                                _______________

    Bess. 2003 blonde Belgian mare. Broke to all farm machinery. Works with a lot of snap.  In foal to Cedar Lanes Chief Dandy.

    Lot # 90                                                                                                                                                ________________

    Deanna. 2013 blonde Belgian mare. Broke to all farm machinery. Nice quiet mare. In foal to Cedar Lanes Chief Dandy.

    Lot # 91 & 92                                                                                                                                      ________________

    2012 and 2013 Belgian geldings. Full brothers. By Kings Final Stallion and out of a CD Hickory mare. Well broke.

    Lot # 93                                                                                                                                                _________________

    Babe. 2015 Belgian mare. Light sorrel. Pulling bred. More information on sale day.

    Lot # 94 & 95                                                                                                                                      _________________

    Rex & Reeda. 2014 Belgian gelding and 2013 Belgian mare. Full brother and sister. Broke to all farm machinery. Will make a nice farm team. Reeda is in foal to a son of Bent Creek Shade Rock.

    Lot # 96                                                                                                                                                __________________

    Rock. 2010 blonde Belgian gelding. Absolutely not safe for smaller boys.

    Lot # 97                                                                                                                                                __________________

    2006 Belgian gelding.

    Lot # 98                                                                                                                                                __________________

    2015 Belgian filly. By Kings Final Stallion and out of a CD Hickory mare.

    Lot # 99                                                                                                                                                __________________

    2007 bay Belgian/Clydesdale cross gelding. Broke to ride and drive. Loves kids.

    Lot # 144                                                                                                                                              __________________

    Weanling Belgian colt. Pulling bloodlines.

    Lot # 145                                                                                                                                              __________________

    Weanling Belgian colt. Pulling bloodlines.

    Lot # 153 & 154                                                                                                                                  __________________

    2006 and 2007 Belgian gelding and mare team. Broke to work all farm machinery.



    Lot # 100                                                                                                                                              __________________

    2004 Haflinger stallion. Grade red sorrel. Broke single and double. Traffic safe and sound. Has been bred and has foals on the ground.

    Lot # 101                                                                                                                                              _________________

    Rusty. 2008 Haflinger gelding. Broke single and double.

    Lot # 102 & 103                                                                                                                                  _________________

    2004 & 2005 Haflinger gelding and mare. Gelding works on the left and mare works on the right. About 14 HH. Gelding has a white spot in one of his eyes but sees fine.

    Lot # 104                                                                                                                                              _________________

    Smooth mouth Haflinger gelding. Red with white mane and tail. Broke single and double. Kids used him to go to school and takes full end in the field. Safe and sound.

    Lot # 146 & 147                                                                                                                                  __________________

    2005 & 2006 Haflinger geldings. Broke to work all machinery.

    Lot # 151                                                                                                                                              __________________

    Dolly. 2008 Haflinger mare. Broke single and double.



    Lot # 105                                                                                                                                              __________________


    Plea. 2000 bay Standardbred stallion. Four white socks. Sired by Armbro Charger.  Out of a Speed Bowl dam. A nice stallion. Drives good. Record of 1:56. Earnings of $86,000.


    Lot # 106                                                                                                                                              __________________


    Nancy. 2008 crossbred mare. Black with one white sock. Well broke. Traffic safe and sound.


    Lot # 107                                                                                                                                              ___________________


    Chip. 2011 bay Standardbred gelding. Registered. Sired by Jailhouse Jesse.  Out of a Pine Chip dam. Sharp trotter. Drives with snap. A boy’s horse.


    Lot # 108                                                                                                                                              ___________________


    Roger. 2014 grade Friesian cross gelding. A big gelding. 100% traffic safe and sound. Will broke for a two year old.


    Lot # 109                                                                                                                                              ___________________


    Jimmy. 2014 Dutch/Standardbred bay gelding. Has had 90 days of training. Has a strip and four white socks. TSS Fancy.


    Lot # 110                                                                                                                                              ___________________


    2002 Standardbred gelding.


    Lot # 111                                                                                                                                              ___________________


    2013 gelding. Buggy broke. All trot.


    Lot # 112                                                                                                                                              ___________________


    Carla. 2014 bay Standardbred mare. Registered. Sired by Dem Speedy Bones. A Royal Strength dam. Nice young mare. Drives with snap. Buggy broke.


    Lot # 113                                                                                                                                              ___________________


    Knights. 2015 Friesian/Standardbred bay gelding. Tall gelding with lots of potential. Sired by Knight of Wild Rose Ranch.


    Lot # 114                                                                                                                                              ____________________


    2007 Standardbred gelding. By Donerail. Top driver. All trot.


    Lot # 115                                                                                                                                              ____________________


    2003 Standardbred mare.


    Lot # 116                                                                                                                                              __________________


    Knight. 2011 Dutch cross black gelding. Strip and four whites. Dutch/Percheron/Standardbred cross. Broke single and double. Been on long trips. Broke for women. Ready for the surrey.


    Lot # 117                                                                                                                                              __________________


    Chip. 2014 grade Dutch/Standardbred gelding. Chestnut. Star and snip. Four whites. Well started in harness. Needs experienced driver.


    Lot # 118                                                                                                                                              __________________


    2011 Standardbred gelding. Sharp black trotter. Good broke. Sired by Bedford County.


    Lot # 119                                                                                                                                              __________________


    Roscoe. 2014 grade Friesian/Standardbred gelding. Bay with two whites. Sired by Agape of Friesian Glory with a Super Bowl dam. Well broke for a two year old. A good resale project.


    Lot # 120                                                                                                                                              __________________


    Buba. 2002 bay Standardbred mare. Bred to a black Friesian cross stud. A trotting bred mare that was used mostly for a broodmare.


    Lot # 121                                                                                                                                              __________________


    2013 Morgan/Standardbred cross mare.


    Lot # 122                                                                                                                                              __________________


    Glory. 2015 Belgian/Standardbred mare. Dark brown.


    Lot # 123                                                                                                                                              __________________


    Nellie. 2008 Standardbred mare. Bay roan. Double gaited. Mostly trots. Has been on a 26 mile trip. Traffic safe and sound for anyone to drive.


    Lot # 124                                                                                                                                              _________________


    Dancer. 2013 grade Dutch/Saddlebred gelding. Black with strip. Four whites. A man or boy’s horse. Sired by Elegast.


    Lot # 125                                                                                                                                              _________________


    2014 Morgan/Standardbred cross mare.


    Lot # 126                                                                                                                                              _________________


    Standardbred mare. Buggy broke. All trot.


    Lot # 127                                                                                                                                              __________________


    2012 Dutch/Standardbred cross gelding. Watches odd things beside the road.


    Lot # 128                                                                                                                                              ___________________


    Princess. 2010 grade Dutch/Standardbred mare. Bay with two whites. Well broke. A hot driver. Sired by Ace of Diamonds.


    Lot # 129 & 130                                              &am

  • October 1, 2016 Consignments as of 9/6/2016

    5th Annual Fall Driving Sale

    Saturday October 1, 2016

    Special Sale Schedule

    9:00 am Machinery, Tools, Hay, Straw, and Harness

    10:00 am New Tack

    12:00 pm Horses

    Machinery: Robert Bell Thresher 28’; 2 New Idea hay loaders; IH High Gear No. 9 mower, rebuilt; IH late model 7’ grain binder, mint; IH No. 9 Enslige Cutter; IH No. 7 Enslige Cutter for parts; Bush hog wheel disc; IH corn binder, field ready; JD #43 corn sheller; IH #7 hay mower. Amish buggy.

    Tools: porter chop saw with table; New Holland lime drill; Linde pallet jack; Blue Giant pallet jack; router table; Wisconsin air cooled motor; Fair banks Morse platform scale 1000#; Cummins lift; lumber and doors; Stanley Bostitch air nailer; Master Force air nailer; 7 piece air hammer kit. Lots of small items not listed.

    Horses: 1998 Belgian mare; team of 2008 Belgian geldings; 2008 Belgian/Percheron gelding; team of 2012 & 2013 Belgian geldings; team of 2013 Belgian mares; 2006 Belgian mare; 2013 Belgian gelding; 2000 Belgian mare; 2014 Belgian gelding out of Produce Acres Korbin; 2013 Belgian gelding out of Chief Supreme; team of 2013 Belgian geldings; team of 2008 & 2013 Belgian geldings; registered 2014 Belgian mare out of CDH Sunny; 2014 Belgian mare out of Cds Hickory; 2012 Belgian gelding; 2015 Belgian mare; 2016 Belgian colt; 2008 Haflinger gelding; smooth mouth Haflinger gelding; 2011 Standardbred gelding; 2014 Standardbred mare; 2015 Friesian/Standardbred gelding; 2000 Standardbred stallion; 2002 Standardbred mare; 2008 crossbred mare; 2015 Belgian/Standardbred mare; 2014 Friesian cross gelding; 2014 Dutch/Standardbred gelding;  2011 Dutch cross gelding; 2014 Dutch/Standardbred gelding; 2014 Friesian/Standardbred gelding; 2013 Dutch/Saddlebred gelding; 2010 Dutch/Standardbred mare; 2010 Belgian/Standardbred gelding; 2010 Standardbred/Hackney gelding; 2012 Standardbred/Percheron mare; 2004 TWH/Quarter horse cross mare; 2001 crossbred pony mare.

    Consignments still being accepted.

    Cafeteria open all day.

    Auctioneers: Todd Woodruff & Brad Higgins

    Check Facebook and for updates.

    Contact: 419-889-9150

  • Arabian Mare Consigned to August 6 Sale

    Arabian Mare Consigned to August 6 Sale

    Selling at our August 6 sale:


    Solid Bay Mare 16 Hands 
    Sire Allience+// Dam: Ms. Irish dob: 5-7-98

    Breeder Elizabeth Derue
    Triple Registered: Arabian, National Show Horse, Sweepstakes

    Half-Arab , Half Saddlebred

    This loving, showy girl is the all-around sport horse with champion pedigree. She is triple registered and has won sweepstakes money and points as well as the LEGION OF SUPREME HONOR AWARD. Professionally trained and shown on the A Circuit into National Competitions. A good dressage prospect for her next career or a competent trail buddy and fox hunter. She is a quick learner. Loads, stands, grooms, and travels easily. No bad habits or previous illnesses or injuries and is so easy to maintain. Perfect confirmation as you watch her track around the ring. Jumping at 2’6” should be re-schooled for higher. Has championed in halter, under saddle/ Hunt seat, show hack, equitation , jumping, side saddle , in-hand, Amature & Open classes. Regionals Champion and National top Ten.
    You will fall in love with her and be the proudest rider in the barn.

    Horses sell at 2 pm on August 6. 

    Contact 419-889-9150 for more information!

  • Full Catalog for March 5 2016 Sale



    JD 12-A pull type combine

    Pony runabout carriage


    NEW TACK & HARNESS                             9:30 am


    DRAFT HORSES                                        Noon

    Lot 853

    2000 Percheron stallion.



    Lot 854            Bill.

     2003 black Percheron gelding. Rides and drives. Broke to all farm machinery.



    Lot 855            Bob.

    2013 black Percheron gelding. One white ankle. Broke to most farm machinery. A quiet young team that works good.


    Lot 856            Barney.

    2012 black Percheron. Star. Broke to most farm machinery. Quiet young team that works good.



    Lot 857            Ribbon.

    2014 red sorrel Belgian mare. 17 HH. Green broke. Started in harness.



    Lot 860            Dock.

    2012 red sorrel Belgian gelding. Teammate to Duk. Stripe. White mane and long tail. Broke to all farm machinery. ¾ brothers.


    Lot 861            Duk.

    2012 red sorrel Belgian gelding. Teammate to Dock. Stripe. White mane and long tail. Broke to all farm machinery. ¾ brothers.



    Lot 862            Nell.

    2013 Belgian mare. Teammate to Nick. Broke to drive.


    Lot 863            Nick.

    2011 Belgian gelding. Teammate to Nell. Broke to drive.



    Lot 864            Jim.

    2011 red sorrel Belgian gelding. Light mane and tail. Blaze. Broke to most farm machinery. Willing worker. Good solid farm team that will work all day.


    Lot 865            Jerry.

    2012 red sorrel Belgian gelding. Light mane and tail. Stripe. Broke to most farm machinery. Willing worker. A good solid farm team that will work all day.



    Lot 868            Nell.

    2012 light brown Belgian mare. Approximately 1600 lbs. Sound and broke to all farm machinery. Pulling bred and granddaughter of Alex Chief.


    Lot 869            Bell.

    2014 brown Belgian mare. Approximately 1450 lbs. Sound and green broke.



    Lot 870            Jack.

    2012 sorrel Belgian gelding. Brother/teammate to Jake. Broke to all farm machinery.


    Lot 871            Jake.

    2013 sorrel Belgian gelding. Brother/teammate to Jack. Broke to all farm machinery.



    Lot 872            Buster.

    2013 grade blond Belgian gelding. This horse is coming 3 year old. A little stiffness in the right hand stifle. Broke. Works good anywhere.



    Lot 873           

    2002 sorrel Belgian mare. Broke to all farm machinery.



    Lot 874            Buster.

    2012 grade red sorrel Belgian gelding. Well broke. Pulling bred gelding. Been in the woods. Broke to all farm machinery.



    Lot 877            Buster.

    2012 red sorrel Belgian gelding. White mane and tail. Stripe. Broke to most farm machinery. Works with a lot of snap.



    Lot 878           

    2015 red sorrel Belgian filly. Broke to lead.





    Lot 885            Princess.

    2012 Clydesdale/Hackney mare. Bay. 15 HH. Broke to work and ride. Good jockey stick horse.



    Lot 886            Russle.

    LYO 12 # S-16295. 2013 Dutch Harness/Standardbred cross gelding. Black. 16 HH. Broke and ready for the surrey. Sire: JD’s Eclipse. Dam goes back to Pine Chip.



    Lot 887           

    2013 Dutch/Standardbred gelding. Black with socks. Traffic safe and sound.



    Lot 888           

    2011 Standardbred gelding.



    Lot 889            Prize.

    2007 crossbred gelding. Black. Three white socks and stripe. 15 HH. Broke to ride and drive. Doesn’t like tractors and big trucks.



    Lot 890           

    2013 Standardbred/Belgian cross mare. Broke to ride and drive. Traffic safe and sound.



    Lot 891            Miami’s Classy.

    2013 registered Standardbred mare. Bay with star. 16 HH. Trotting bred by Dem Speedy Bones with a Mr. Vic dam. Well broke. Family or boy’s horse. Traffic safe and sound.



    Lot 892            Dutch.

    LYO 15. # S-16268. 2013 Dutch Harness/Standardbred gelding. Traffic safe and sound. Ready for miles. Woman’s horse.



    Lot 893            I Am Strong Bonnie.

    2014 registered Standardbred mare. #9M8950. Bay. This is a good boy’s horse. Traffic safe and sound. Has a nice long gait. Out of Strong Player.



    Lot 894

    2012 Friesian crossbred mare. Black. Traffic safe and sound. Good traveler.




    Lot 895            Hershey.

    2011 Standardbred mare. Bay. 15.2 HH. Double gaited. Traffic safe and sound.



    Lot 896            Ranger.

    2013 Standardbred gelding. Dark bay. Broke. Traffic safe and sound. Good traveler. Full trotter. Horseman’s dream.



    Lot 897            Princess.

    2013 ¼ Standardbred, ¾ Dutch Harness brown mare with four white socks and snip. 16.2 HH. Traffic safe and sound.



    Lot 898            Ranger.

    2012 ¾ Standardbred, ¼ Belgian gelding. Dark bay. Has been on the road for 9 months. Stands good to hitch. Needs more work.



    Lot 899

    2015 Standardbred/Belgian mare.



    Lot 900            Turbo.

    2012 grade Standardbred gelding. Bay. This is a well broke 4 year old. Sound and safe for anyone to drive. Would make a good family or grandpa horse.



    Lot 901           

    2014 Standardbred gelding. Chestnut. Broke. More info at sale time.



    Lot 902

    2015 Friesian/Dutch Harness/Standardbred filly. Black. Sire: JC Extreme. Out of a trotting bred Standardbred mare by Federal Flex.





    Lot 903           

    2010 Hackney show pony mare. Broke. Traffic safe and sound. Young horseman’s dream.


    Lot 904

    2009 Hackney show pony gelding. Broke. Traffic safe and sound. Young horseman’s dream.



    Lot 905

    Luke. 2007 Black and white pony gelding. 53” tall. Broke to ride and drive.